Introducing the “Who I Am” Project for Tweens (ages 10-15)

SQ Tween slide 1

Sherri’s Portraits is very excited to introduce the “Who I Am” Project for Tweens (ages 10-15)!  This project just touches my heart at it’s very core because I really had a tough time and struggled during my tween years…I was very “chubby”, as my Mom called it, and came home from school in tears almost every single day.

The tween years are especially hard for girls, and I can’t even imagine what it’s like with all the social media in this day and time! So I came up with a plan:

SQ Tween slide 2

I decided to create a Tween Session that makes these girls feel like a Rock Star!  They are photographed in a few of their favorite outfits just like a Top Model…their favorite music is playing, fan blowing their hair and everything!  They just love it, and I love the way it makes them feel…here’s just one message we received:

SQ Tween slide 5

But the BEST part of this whole project is the SECRET!!!  The tween doesn’t know it, but we’ve sent out emails to the parents with detailed questionnaires for them, and others, to fill out and send back to me.

SQ Tween slide 3

That’s where the magic comes in!  I take all that info and create a slide show with their images PLUS all the quotes for the most amazing moment for the Tween AND the parents!!

SQ Tween slide 4

So if you have a Tween, or know someone that does, give us a call…you won’t believe what a difference it will make!!!



Our most popular senior portrait sessions last year were our Mini Senior Excursion sessions, and we now have the dates available for you. A couple of them are in the next two weeks, so act fast if you’re interested in scheduling one of these!

Our first Senior Excursion is on Monday evening, May 16th, from 5:30-8pm at a beautiful Plantation in the Cobb County area. White columns, lush gardens, ivy covered walls and a gazebo make this the perfect location for formal attire. Limited to 1-2 more seniors.   $50

Next will be our Excursion to a warehouse in Atlanta on Sunday, May 22nd. This warehouse has two stories, plus the rooftop, that we’ll be using…and graffiti walls and alleys are right around the corner for a very industrial look.   $125

Old Car City will be our destination for the Excursion on Friday, June 17th. With 34 acres of old cars, trucks, buses (and just about anything else you can imagine!) we’ll find plenty of spots just for you.   $125

**EVENT:  (these are located at our studio)  Saturday, July 9th ~ If you want something to keep you cool, check this out!  We’ll have a “Rain Machine” set up for some really edgy B&W images. Think sports, band or just getting wet …anything goes with this one!   $50

In July we’ll also have a new Excursion we call “Extreme Pool at Night”.  You heard that right, and you won’t believe the images you’ll get with this!   $99

Ready for a trip to the Beach? Then save the date for Jekyll Island and the Driftwood Beach on Saturday, October 1st. Come join us and wiggle your toes in the sand…but schedule this one quick. Limited to 2 seniors only.   $125

If you’re wanting some cooler temps, we’ll be traveling in the Fall for an Excursion to some waterfalls in the mountains…and maybe an old mill as well.   $125

If you’re interested in scheduling any of these Senior Excursions you’ll want to give us a call right away!  These sessions are only available to a limited number of seniors each year and you definitely don’t want to miss out on the fun! Just call us to schedule your session, or to ask any questions regarding the Excursions.    770-529-1410


Here are a few images from some of our Excursions last year ~


Warehouse Models 00_76

Blake 00_35 R

Blackley 00_92 R

Whelan 00_3 R

Schmitt 00_25 R

Bates 00_10 R

Lane 00_63 R

Easter Portraits with Baby Bunnies / Acworth, GA Children’s Photographer

March 15 - Bunnies Spg Spcl Final - BLOG



Spring is almost here, and you know what that means…the Baby Bunnies will be coming to visit at Sherri’s Portraits!

This is one of our most popular sessions and you definitely don’t want your children to miss this one! We’ll have 3 Baby Bunnies at the studio that your children can play and interact with, while we capture the whole experience for you to keep forever.  And we promise you’ll hear lots of giggles and squeals as well!

These sessions do fill up quickly, so you’ll want to call to reserve your time right away. Packages will start at just $59 and we have lots of new products for you to see, too. See you soon!

Happy New Year! / Metro Atlanta Senior Photography

Senior ad 2 week New Years sale em

Happy New Year!  We’re so pumped for 2015 that we went a little crazy and decided to offer something we’ve never offered before.  Are you ready to get the best Senior Experience and Photography in the area?  Well here goes…

For the next  2 weeks ONLYSherri’s Portraits is offering any Senior Session for just $20.15!  

Yep, you read that correctly!  Just $20.15 for any of our 5 senior sessions, but you’ve got to contact us within the next 2 weeks.  

We’ll sit down with you to find out exactly what you want for your session. See, we don’t want to photograph any senior the same – it’s all about YOU at Sherri’s Portraits. And we promise you’ll have a blast and absolutely love your portraits, we even guarantee it!

So if you’re a rising 2016 Senior (or a 2015 Senior), you don’t want to miss out on this “crazy” offer from Sherri’s Portraits…THE place for Senior  Portraits.  See you soon!

Home for the Holidays / Metro Atlanta Family Photographer

Dec 14 ad  Home for the Holidays blog

Now that Halloween is over it’s time to get ready for the Holidays!  I don’t know about you, but we’re getting very excited about spending time with our family. This year we’ve invited all of our family  (from California to Maryland) to stay with us for Christmas, so we’re hoping to have a house full of  love, wonderful food and lots of laughter this year.

See, when I was growing up it was a tradition to have as many family members together as possible at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I cherish those times with my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins…lots of memories were created.

It’s during the Holidays when families gather together and someone says, “Hey, since everyone’s here, why not have a family portrait taken?”  Then you realize that most photographers are closed for the Holidays… Bummer!

But this year,  Sherri’s Portraits will be available for sessions in the studio OR at your home!  We’ll photograph your entire family and then all the individual families as well.  We also guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun during the session, too!

So give us a call to schedule the perfect day when all of your family will be together. You’ll not only be creating an absolutely  beautiful portrait… you’ll be creating wonderful memories!

September ’14 Newsletter from Sherri’s Portraits

Sept 2014 Newsletter pg 1


Sept 2014 Newsletter pg 2



Sept 2014 Newsletter pg 3


Sept 2014 Newsletter pg 4

Father Christmas is coming!

Oct 14- Father Christmas ad for Blog

So we are finally getting a break from the heat with some nice crisp mornings with cooler temps…could it almost be time to pull out those sweaters at night?  Maybe so, but it is definitely time to get ready for one of our very favorite traditions.  That’s right, Father Christmas is coming to Sherri’s Portraits and we couldn’t be more excited!

We’ve actually spoken with Father Christmas himself and found out that he can only visit us for one day this year, which is October 25th.  But oh, what a day that will be!  Your little ones will be able to take time and talk to Father Christmas and fill him in on all the things they wish for. There will even be time to read a book with him and share some very special secrets.  Unlike the mall, we give your children 20 minutes of pure joy, which we capture to keep that magical moment alive forever.

So call soon, we have very limited sessions and you don’t want to miss out on this one! And if you call us in the month of September to schedule your Father Christmas session, we’ll give you a Complimentary Gift as well!  770-529-1410

*(Father Christmas will be wearing his dark olive green robes this year)

Wanna Be a Model? / Metro Atlanta Senior Photography

Comp Mini Model ad w photos blog


OK, High School Seniors – you don’t want to miss this… here’s your chance to be a Model!

We’re offering you a Complimentary “Model” Mini Session at the studio. That’s right, it won’t cost you a thing and there’s no obligation whatsoever.  What’s the catch you ask?  There is none!  We just want you to come in with your favorite outfit for 15 minutes and have the best time ever! We’ll have the music you like cranked up and even a fan blowing your hair.

You’ll get 5 poses included in your very own Personal App that you can download onto your phone or tablet, and you can share all those images with anyone and everyone. How cool is THAT?!

So call all your friends to let them know – you could come in together to make it even more fun!  Just give us a call at 770-529-1410 (it’s by appointment only) and we’ll get you scheduled for your very own Mini “Model” Session.

Two days only:  September 16th & 17th

Big Savings for 2015 High School Seniors!

Big Savings for 2015 High School Seniors!


Are you looking for a great place to have your Senior portraits taken?  A place that really listens to what YOU want to do?  A place that gives you the best experience you can imagine AND portraits that you will be proud of…Oh, and did we mention you’ll have to most fun ever during your session?  Well look no more, because Sherri’s Portraits is THE Place for Senior Portraits!

And to make it even better, for 2 days ONLY, Sherri’s Portraits is offering any Senior Session for FREE!!!  You can’t beat that!

But you MUST contact us today or tomorrow, July 7th or 8th, to get this amazing savings. So check out the info above and tell your friends, cause this offer won’t be available for long.  See you soon!

Little Sister / Metro Atlanta Children’s Photographer

Dodgen 00_13 R blog

 So look who came in recently with his 2 week old Baby Sister. What a proud Big Brother he was! Of course we were creating some beautiful newborn portraits of his little sister for quite a while when finally I asked the Mom to remove his shirt so we could add him into the portraits. He was such a trooper and SO sweet with his brand new Baby Sister. Just look at that little smile…he’s just so proud of her. You just know he’ll protect her forever from just about anything. Yep, Big Brothers are a wonderful thing, but so are Little Sisters!